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Excellent service and food quality secodn to none, best takeaway for miles

Steve, 28 Nov 2020

Always amazingly tasty, I'll only order from Everest when I want Indian.

Garry, 25 Nov 2020

I could not order your excellent baingain massala using the online service

Jorrit, 25 Nov 2020

Very nice once again, would prefer chicken pieces in smaller cuts

Scott, 22 Nov 2020

Awesome curry!!

Richard, 21 Nov 2020

Because we live in a weird location, the driver calling and asking for directions was great. The driver was also very friendly.

Robert, 20 Nov 2020

Food is always fresh and tasty. Best takeaway in Lincoln

Jay, 14 Nov 2020

Great food and fast delivery.

Mellissa, 07 Nov 2020

Always really nice and hot Excellent

Claire, 06 Nov 2020

Great take away service

Anne, 06 Nov 2020

Top curry takeaways in Lincoln!

Connor, 06 Nov 2020

Always high quality food, very enjoyable and a lovely treat.

Rebecca, 31 Oct 2020

Lovely, just seems to take a lot longer than it used to.

Gill, 25 Oct 2020

Outstanding as always.

Jase, 21 Oct 2020

ordered lamb tikka masala but got chicken tikka masala instead - disappointed with error but food was fine x

Clive, 17 Oct 2020

Birthday takeaway ,excellent food and service as always ,6 people very full and happy

Simon, 15 Oct 2020

I thought 90 minutes was a long delivery time, but ended up waiting nearly 2 hours! When the food arrived it was worth waiting for, but when I next order I hope that delivery will be quicker...

Stuart, 11 Oct 2020

Disappointed with the 2hr delivery time for my most recent order. Have ordered several times and never experienced such a wait. Never disappointed with the quality of the food though!

James, 09 Oct 2020

The best take out in Lincoln and some of the best curries we've ever had, always great food and worth the wait

Rob, 02 Oct 2020

Hi are you looking for drivers at the minute im looking for part time work

Jeremy Craddock, 29 Sep 2020

Consistently delicious food, good presentation, and great service!

Nicole, 17 Sep 2020

Delicious and hot with generous portions. Really good.

Penny, 14 Sep 2020


Matt, 14 Sep 2020

Excellent as always!

Tish, 12 Sep 2020

Superb quality, delicious, best in Lincoln. Authentic tastes.

Nick, 11 Sep 2020

Best Indian takeaway in Lincoln

Nick, 11 Sep 2020